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The country is small, safe and hospitable. Rich cultural and historic heritage. On the crossroad of East and West, Hungary shows both the traces of the Asian origin and the adopted Western culture that dates back to the 10th century with the Conquest and the foundation of the state in 1000 AD. The remnants of its turbulent history are seen everywhere: ruins from time when Hungary (Pannonia) was part of the Roman Empire, fortresses, Turkish mosques and baths still in function testify the era of the Ottoman occupation; fascinating palaces and mansions, impressive Baroque cathedrals are reminders of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The industrialization and the subsequent boom in the building industry gave the final character to the Hungarian towns, especially to Budapest. A metropole was born around the turn-of-the-century and the early 1900s. Splendid Neo-Classical and Art Nouveau buildings, elaborately designed public spaces, Art Deco interiors feature the Hungarian capital. A number of exiting new establishments are visible signs of the new Hungarian architecture.

The versatility of the land offers places of interest what you do not find anywhere else. Of those we devise itineraries which are both exciting and evocative; the charm of the Hungarian Plain with the protected Puszta-landscape, now national parks with scattered farms and studs; the gentle slopes with their sunlit vineyards around Lake Balaton and the Tokaj region; the abundance of thermal springs which is unique in Europe lends special appeal to the Spa Experience which inspires the mind, pampers the body and sooths the soul.

Internationally acclaimed musical events (Spring/Summer/Autumn festivals) on lavish venues like the Renaissance Opera House, or the state-of-the-art Concert Hall of the Palace of Arts (one of only five in the world), or the Gothic delight Mathias Church, to mention a few.

Developed infrastructure, a wide choice of all hotel categories. Deluxe properties to cater for large scale conferences and incentive groups and other high calibre travellers; good standard two, three and four star hotels for all budget. An ever growing selection of restored castles and mansions offers high standard and deluxe treat in scenic surrounding.

The sophisticated culinary heritage that blends tradition with modern trends is reflected in the menus of the high quality restaurants. The outstanding wines are worthy companions of the gourmet meals.

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